Deciding is hard. But it’s also the easy bit. 

I’m really struggling this past couple of weeks. Mentally and physically. And although I know why, I’m struggling to A) deal with it and B) deal with the fall out from dealing with it.  For me my mood seems heavily influenced by fatigue and stress. When I am tired I have less emotional control –… Continue reading Deciding is hard. But it’s also the easy bit. 

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I’m back and it feels good

The universe is hard to fight against, especially when it brings goodness, light and people who make a difference to me. The past few weeks have brought people, emails, moments, tears of sadness and complete emotion. And in these moments with these people something has clicked. I feel like I’m back. I feel light and… Continue reading I’m back and it feels good

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Getting better isn’t easy 

Backwards and forwards. Highs and lows. Ups and Downs. God damn it! This whole process is hugely frustrating. “What are your beliefs?” “Is that really true?” “Thoughts are just thoughts” “Don’t withdraw” “stay connected” “you are not your depression”…I could go on. I have been in therapy for 9 months. The only other thing I… Continue reading Getting better isn’t easy